ATTENTION: Top Producing Agent Reveals His Secrets For The 1st Time...

"The (9) Duplicatable SECRETS To How He SOLD
Over 3,167 Homes In 3 Years!"

"This No B.S. behind the scenes look into the mind of one of the nations top SUPER Agents will reveal the nitty gritty details... on how ANY agent can once and for all build a profitable real estate business - EVEN IN THE MIDST OF ONE OF THE WORST ECONOMIC SLOWDOWNS IN AMERICAN HISTORY!!!"

  Confession - con·fes·sion [kuhn-fesh-uhn] - the acknowledgement, avowal or admission of ones closely-held (secret) thoughts and/or beliefs

An Open Letter from Super Broker-Agent Kevin Riles...

Today's date:
Dear fellow agent...
You have read the headlines...

"Home Values Plummet..." - The New York Times 9/25/2008
"Home Sales DROP To 20 Year Low!!!" - LA Times
"Home Prices Drop By Double Digits!" - BusinessWeek 10/20/2008

Not to mention the $700 Billion Dollar Banking Bailout and the continuing sub-prime mortgage debacle... the prophets of doom have spoken and if you are tuned into
their channel you might as well sign the death certificate of your business, pack it all in and crawl up in the corner and wait on the "the big bad wolf" nicknamed RECESSION and let him huff and puff and blow your real estate business down the tube!

Like so many times before, the real estate market will return, it always has and always will...

"Hold on to your Dreams, you Live! Let go, and YOU DIE!" - Prof. Greg Pinneo

The above statement summarizes the mentality that you should have in this market! Hold on to the dream and vision you originally had when you entered this great business of real estate and LIVE!!! Or you can get "Let Go" and allow them to die a slow and painful death in corporate America working for the man! (Patiently waiting for the ubiquitous delivery of the "Pink Slip!")

That's a bleek depiction of reality for many however for those who will hold on there is help!

Introducing the just released...

Confessions Of A Top Producer
"The 9 Laws For Sales Success & Abundance!"
An in-depth, behind the scenes look at the inner-workings of a Super
Successful Salesperson & Real Estate Agent
A straight forward approach to building a sustainable business
EVEN in today's RECESSIONARY market!

On a HOT & humid sunny day recently, (2) long time friends and business associates had a private, closed-door meeting where they literally "spilled the beans" on building and maintaining a successful real estate business that is capable of weathering ANY economic downturn, recession or mortgage implosion! In a discrete recording studio, Kevin Riles was literally grilled, prodded and outright wrung like a wet-towel of every strategy, technique and profit generating tip that he has used to help catapult him from the doldrums of the corporate America wasteland of cubicles into some of the highest echelons of the real estate world!

Confessions Of A Top Producer is a great resource for ANY agent regardless of the experience level! There is a great deal of information here that will tremendously impact ANY salespersons business!

Courtney Rose-Johnson 
Real Estate Agent (Top 30 Under 30 Realtor)

Confessions of a Top Producer is a step by step manual and system that any real estate agent, loan officer, sales professional or business owner could use RIGHT NOW to build a successful profit producing business year and after year!

        WARNING - Attention all Get-Rich Quick, Silver Bullet seeking Lazy Agents!!!

"This is not another over-hyped, cancer solving, do-it all information product that you can purchase and sit it up on your office desk and via osmosis have the information indelibly carved onto the surface of your mind and POOF!  The real estate business of your dreams simply pops out before your very eyes!"

If that is what you are looking for, you  might as well Google your favorite guru and continue getting suckered all the way into the poor house! Personally, I have grown tired of the crappy real estate products being sold to agents from all around the country lock, stock and barrell by the thousands and like pigs to a slaughter, one agent after another falls victim! Meanwhile these non-practicing "FAKE" guru's cash more checks off the blood, sweat and tears of your hard earned commission dollars (0r lack of) while you starve trying to make a phony and flawed system work!

Don't get me wrong, I have been there; in fact if you were to visit my office you would see many of the same kits, seminar cd's and systems that you probably have in your library, so believe me I have been a victim myself! But this is ridiculous and quite simply my heart won't allow me to watch this any longer, so here is what happened! After many long talks and discussions with my wife and my close friend, I finally decided to "once and for all" confess to all who would listen the exact steps, strategies and beliefs I have employed to build a successful real estate business that in the last (3) years has sold more than 3,167 homes!

              So exactly what is Confessions of A Top Producer???

Confessions of A Top Producer is a highly concentrated blueprint for building any type of successful business based on over 20 years of solid business principles that have been culled from the experiential mistakes, outright failures and wild successes of Mr. Kevin Riles! From the comfort of your home you will have access to (2) full blown cd's chocked with cut and paste strategies and techniques as well as the companion e-book for added emphasis and personal study! Topics covered in Confessions of A Top Producer include...

 The Fail-Safe System for ensuring that you have business every  single month, regardless of economic cycle! - Despite the media reports, people (many of your past clients) are buying real estate! Stop The Bleeding... Learn how to build a literal "Iron Cage" around your past clients to nearly guarantee they call YOU, when it's time to BUY!

 The TRUTH about a "NICHE" and what you should know about them! - I am sure you have heard the word and unfortunately to your dismay you have ignored it up to this point! Well... never again!

 Why "Chasing Dollars" will lead to your ultimate doom! - Why chasing dollars or deals will never satisfy you and what you must do to once and for all have fulfilled business & personal life.

 How to combine your PASSION with your business and profit tremendously!

 Success A.D.D! - This is the Deadliest Disease in the entire world of business (not just real estate) and nearly 90% of you are suffering from it. A 1-step plan to cure this business killer!

and that's all in just the first 44 minutes and 38 seconds...(Really)

     Success leaves clues...

If you could sit down and have a Top Producing Agent honestly reveal exactly "how they built their business" step by step, you would pay a consulting fee in the range of $200 an hour (or more) and I hope that you take great notes! I won't even mention travel expenses, hotel stay and lost income from the time away from your business!

From the comfort of your home or in the rolling university (your car) you can have a Top Producing Mega Agent reveal his strategies and step by step business and life plan for obtaining success and building the business that you have always dreamed of having...

Ask yourself these questions?

1. What would your life be like if you had a consistent profit producing business and more time?
2. How much time could you spend with your family if you had more money than month?
3. How happy would your spouse be if you were a SUCCESS in business!
4. What would you do if you had ZERO business or personal debt?

The (4) questions above are literally, some of the MOST important questions you will ever ask yourself, REALLY! Within the answers to these questions reside the fuel that should propel you to greater heights but for so many of us get bogged down into the daily grind of chasing leads, seeking dollars and building a business based on hope!

HOPE is not a strategy! HOPE is not a plan! Hoping you will get business will quickly usher you out of business into the unemployment line or back into corporate America! Right now, many agents & loan officers are hoping... hoping Obama wins, hoping McCain wins, hoping that lead is a good one, hoping their Broker will give them some leads or pay for some advertising... that is not a plan! I repeat, HOPE is not a strategy!

So here is the deal...

Kevin has made special arrangements with his publisher to print (100) of the Confessions of A Top Producer - "An in-depth, behind the scenes look at the inner workings of a Super Agent!" This is actually a pre-launch as we are currently adding the finishing touches to the book and because of the recent events we simply couldn't wait any longer to release a small number of copies to the marketplace! There are people out there like you, who really need to hear this message, for some it could literally be the life-jacket their business needs to stay afloat, in these potentially perilous financial times!

So with that in mind, we decided to create a condensed e-book and audio series that we could IMMEDIATELY release and get it into the hands of those who are in need of this information the most! YOU!

But... we need a favorA BIG FAVOR!!!

When we release the book we will need testimonials from real estate agents, loan officers and sales professionals who have used the information from Confessions of A Top Producer. In exchange for your testimonial and investment you will get unprecedented access to (2) FREE teleseminar conference calls that Kevin will be hosting for people who have purchased during this very limited Pre-Launch period! The (2) FREE conference calls will last over (2) hours and Kevin will personally answer your most pressing questions and share more in-depth strategies and analysis on what is happening in the current marketplace and how you can profit from it!

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The investment required to receive your very own Limited Edition Pre-Launch copy of Confessions of A Top Producer - An in-depth, behind the scenes look at the inner-workings of a Super Agent!" will only cost you...




I am committed to and I stand behind ANY product or service that I offer! If you don't feel as though you learned the information promised then I will refund your money, PERIOD!



Kevin V. Riles, MBA